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Welcome to the Palaeo-Barn, the home of the Wellcome Trust Palaeogenomics & Bio-Archaeology Research Network at Oxford University.

Our modus operandi involves combining the resolution afforded by DNA sequences and fine-scale morphological variation with the time depth of archaeology and palaeontology.

Doing so allows us to establish the patterns of DNA and morphological variance through time and space. We then take advantage of a range of bioinformatic approaches to answer long-standing questions related to how, when, and where evolutionary processes (including domestication) took place that have led to the creation of the modern world.

If you want to send us samples you may register with Richard and use our sample submission form here.

Descriptions of the projects Palaeo-BARN members are involved in.
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When a new Postdoc or Phd is on offer, we’ll list it here.

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Mon 20th Jun 2016
You may have seen us in the news recently...
Thu 2nd Jun 2016
Our latest dog domestication paper is out in Science.
Fri 1st Apr 2016
Hello Everyone!

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